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Stupid, bollocks cold

Goddammit, shit…

I have another cold. I had one a few weeks ago and that was supposed to be The One For The Year. Now, it’s back. Knocked off 3 hours early, yesterday and rode home. In fairness, a friend offered me a ride, but I wanted to get the bike home. Maybe, I’ll be able to make up the hours tomorrow and save part of a day off.

I hate this. I can’t ride and I can’t run. Right now, I’m treating my throat with Hot Toddy’s which, frankly, is helping. OK, maybe I don’t feel better, but I just don’t care.

In the meantime, I took a few minutes and applied Mink Oil to the Brooks Saddle and leather handlebar tape, in an attempt to preserve them. So far, looking good.

Anyway, enough of this…

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