About Me

Me, in 1200 characters, or less: After nine years as a dedicated employee to a Fortune 300 company, I realized that a) life sucked, and b) I was living in New Jersey. Quit the job, holed up in Thailand for a month (to remove the NJ stench) and returned to the Bay Area. Then I repeated the whole flat learning curve thing again. Now, I’m in a whole new world – less money, less certainty, but one helluva lot more time to pursue the things I like. Now, it’s about getting in shape and leaving the old life behind. It’s going to be a long road.

  1. Anjali Athavaley
    January 29, 2013 at 12:08

    Hi. I’m a reporter with the Wall Street Journal interested in doing a story related to running. I saw a post that you made in a running forum and am wondering if you’d be able to talk about it. Can you please email me asap with a way to reach you? I can give you more details about the story then. I don’t want to post here. Thanks!( And please do not tweet that I have contacted you.)

    Anjali Athavaley
    Wall Street Journal

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