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Some Days You Don’t Fly…And That’s OK

Right, then…



Discretion is the better part of valor.  For my flying lesson last Tuesday, I experienced:

The Cherokee that I usually fly was down (a pin in one of the engine cover latches was gone; having this potentially fly open at altitude could prove to be problematic).

The second plane I tried to get was not on the flight line where it is usually parked.  After walking around on the apron for 20 minutes, I headed back to the clubhouse and saw that I walked right by it, parked in front of a repair shop with the landing light removed. So that was no go.  Now, a bit pissed that this was not taken out of service on the scheduler.

OK, take 3:  I head to the clubhouse to check out a newer (read: more expensive) 172SP – the one I took my discovery flight in, in fact.  Up to this point, I was agitated, but optimistic that once I got this plane checked out, everything would be cool.  As I walked in someone was in the process of checking it out so he and the owner could do touch and go’s.

At that point, my instructor walked in and I told him how things were shaking out.  I had been keeping him posted on my saga with the first two planes, so I’m sure he understood my agitation when I apprised him of the situation.

He – in his calm way – said “OK, first:  We don’t have to fly.” To which I responded “OK, then I’m calling it.”

And that was that.  The guy that got the third plane offered to pay the extra $15 difference for me to rent the final remaining 172SP, he felt so bad.  I went of my way to assure him that it was cool because I was pretty much done.  Things just went too far and my head wasn’t in it.  So while I was already thinking about calling it off, my instructor helped me get across that line.  Also, I really wanted to fly the Cherokee.

But this just reinforced what I’ve heard to date:  We don’t ever have to fly.  Typically, flights get called due to weather.  But poor mental state – tired, distracted, upset, aggravated – is just as dangerous.

Besides, this is supposed to be fun.  There are guys that have to fly – they’re Professional Airline Pilots.  I’m a hobbyist.  I’m paying to do this – no need to pay to have a shitty experience.

So, instead, we did ground school stuff.  Talked about questions I had, some issues I had with the last lesson and general aircraft discussion.

Of course, I made an offhanded comment about toying with the thought of buying an aircraft to train in and that I thought it was a dark alley to explore.  This led to a 20 minute discussion as to why it’s not as expensive as I thought.

Aw shit, son.

Of course, he said that the break-even point is about 100-hours of flight/year which, admittedly, I’m not there.  There’s also the point that until the GF and I buy a house, I’d win douche of the year award if I bought a plane.  So, until then, I rent.

But it’s an entertaining – and pricey – thought.

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