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The Random Things

Right, then…

A quick post.

I’m down in Fresno this weekend for Thanksgiving.  Having a little time this trip, I finally dragged my scanner down so I can get copies of some of the old pictures my mom has stored in a box.  While I’ve been planning on doing this for years, my brother’s passing brought it to the forefront.

While picking out pictures to scan (pics of brother, pics of me as a baby and teen to show the GF just who she’s involved in, random posterity pics from the 70’s), I came across this:


Unbeknownst to me, my first bike was a Mixte

That there is my first bike.  Now, if you had asked me, I would have said that my first bike was blue, and had orange and yellow pinstripes that our neighbor put on it, and had knobbies that I got one year for my birthday.  Of course, I would have been wrong.  I had forgotten about this one.  What I remember most about this is the non-pneumatic (nonmatic?) tires.  I think the rear tire had split by the time I upgraded to the blue bike (of which I found no pictures of).

You’ll also note – for posterity’s sake – the long shag carpeting that had to be raked.  Of course, not being Fancy People, we did not have a carpet rake so we used the steel rake that we had for the yard.

Another angle, showing the rest of the living room:


The 70’s used to be slightly out of focus, it seems.

This – it should be noted – was the Living Room, where no mortal entered unless they were Company.  You can just imagine what the rest of the house looked like.

Ye Gods.

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