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The Random Things

Right, then…

A quick post.

I’m down in Fresno this weekend for Thanksgiving.  Having a little time this trip, I finally dragged my scanner down so I can get copies of some of the old pictures my mom has stored in a box.  While I’ve been planning on doing this for years, my brother’s passing brought it to the forefront.

While picking out pictures to scan (pics of brother, pics of me as a baby and teen to show the GF just who she’s involved in, random posterity pics from the 70’s), I came across this:


Unbeknownst to me, my first bike was a Mixte

That there is my first bike.  Now, if you had asked me, I would have said that my first bike was blue, and had orange and yellow pinstripes that our neighbor put on it, and had knobbies that I got one year for my birthday.  Of course, I would have been wrong.  I had forgotten about this one.  What I remember most about this is the non-pneumatic (nonmatic?) tires.  I think the rear tire had split by the time I upgraded to the blue bike (of which I found no pictures of).

You’ll also note – for posterity’s sake – the long shag carpeting that had to be raked.  Of course, not being Fancy People, we did not have a carpet rake so we used the steel rake that we had for the yard.

Another angle, showing the rest of the living room:


The 70’s used to be slightly out of focus, it seems.

This – it should be noted – was the Living Room, where no mortal entered unless they were Company.  You can just imagine what the rest of the house looked like.

Ye Gods.

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Inspiration, when there is none

Right, then…

Diet and exercise has sort of shit the bed since the summer.  Strike that, since about Easter…but I was holding on for a bit, I think, until the summer, then I sort of let go of the controls.  Whatever, I’m winding out to around 260 or so and getting through it.  That said, I feel a turn coming.  As I do, I tend to be good for a while, then I lash out and be bad for a while…then I get good again.  I reckon I’ve gained and lost 500 lbs over the years.

But every now and again, something gets me to make the turn.  Either some experience or story.  A lot of times, it’s simply a visit to a national park:  Seeing all of those fit people doing active things is enough to get me to start eating healthy, or at least not eat so much. Some times, it’s a story about someone who set themselves straight.  True, I was at Glacier NP during the summer, it was shortly after my brother died, so I wasn’t exactly hitting on all 12 cylinders, so that effort died out.  So lately, I’ve been reading Scott Cutshall’s old blog – Large Fella on a Bike.

Scott gained notoriety for losing something like 312 lbs by riding and eating right.  While I’m not that far down the road, it’s still good reading to me.  While I try to at least cycle commute in once a week (more, preferably, but that doesn’t always work out), I don’t normally get out on the weekend.  After a few days of reading his blog, I went out this evening.  So that’s a turn in the right direction.

I also remember using the bike to run basic errands, like grocery shopping.  For some reason, I had stopped that.  Now that I’m at my GF’s place in the flats, its even easier.  In fact, tonight  I was going to head out to the store to get some powdered sugar (GF’s daughter and neighbor friend are making cupcakes, and they needed it for the frosting).  Upon realizing that we didn’t have any powdered sugar on hand, I was ready to ride the 1/2 mile to the local Safeway:  “I’ll go,” she said.  “Besides, you’ve been drinking.”  It’s true that I had 2 Lagunitas Little Sumpin’s but I was not blasted, just a tad buzzed.  Besides, I love riding while buzzed.  In fact, when I quit drinking 5.5 years ago, one of the things I said that I was going to miss was riding while buzzed.

Now, I’m not going to recommend this.  A bike’s natural attitude is on its side, and booze is known to mess with your trim tabs.  All you need to do is veer into the path of an oncoming car, and then you get your ticket punched.  Also it can be considered somewhat illegal, should the local authorities wish to stop you to chat.  But, I must say, it’s fun.  There’s a sort of high, fine feeling you get with the breeze passing over you, watching the scenery go by, feeling good, relaxed.  Alas, it was not to be…at least tonight:  The neighbor’s had powdered sugar.

But, I foresee myself trying to ride more.  I figure, with some cooperation, I can ride at least 3 out of five days in to work.  On those days I don’t, I figure I can right at night…something I sort of didn’t think about until reading Cutshall’s blog (he made a few references to riding late, so I figure he’s either a night owl or an insomniac). Regardless, he’s given me something new to focus on, in the realm of undoing some of the damage incurred over the summer and fall.

Now, I’m off to order some new lights.

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