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The Laddie Reckons Himself as a Poet!

Since we’re discussing Pink Floyd…  OK, we aren’t actually…

Right, Then…

This was some random thing that popped into my head.  Nothing more than a stringing together of individual thoughts or ideas that I have that somehow coagulated.  I’ve done some polishing, but not much.  I come across as a self-important twat in graf 2; I would be if I actually said that shit, but being that it’s in my head, I think it’s OK…  So, grab a snifter of brandy, settle into a wing backed chair, and enjoy…

I went to the place

To talk to The Guy about the Thing

And he said: “Fuck that.

No way.

I don’t think so.”


I went to the place.

And everyone was there

And I thought, “Don’t you have homes or jobs or other shit to do?

Why don’t you come here some other time, when I’m someplace else?

Like Tuesday afternoon, when I’m at work…

You fucking people.”


And the Thing and the Guy and the Place

Are too fucked up to handle

And the Motherfuckers are Motherfucking it

Every chance they get.

So fuck ‘em.


I went to the place

And they were closed…

And I thought “good for them!”

But I still had shit to do

And when I come back

Everyone will be there, just like before

And The Guy will still be a pisser


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