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Diet and Exercise

Right, Then…

Nothing really exciting, today…

I’ve been following a couple of different eating plans – for lack of a better phrase – since the start of 2015.  At the beginning, I was off of all foods that knowingly had added sugar.  I say knowingly as it seems every goddamn thing has high fructose corn syrup in it – even stuff that isn’t sweet – and I’m intermittently good at reading labels.  So candy was out, but tomato sauce makes it past the censor.  The only sweets I ate were fruit and carrots; everything else – pasta, bread, meat, corn chips, etc… – were fair game.

That sort of worked for the first 6 months of 2015 – I lost about 20 lbs.  Then what happened was life stresses and a job change.  So while I was still avoiding added sugars, the stuff that I was allowing myself to eat was increasing in volume.  Eating in volume is something I’m really really good at.  If I’m lucky these periods coincide with compulsive exercising so – at worst – I maintain my weight.  In this case, 10 lbs came back on.

At the start of this year, I went low carb.  Pasta, bread and chips are now exiled and eggs, bacon, cheese and meat meat – in their various luxurious forms – are in, as is low-carb candy (no sugar, but artificial sweeteners…which is probably going to give me cancer of the spleen, or something, but you gotta go sometime).  This came about due to two things:  Some friends did low carb and lost weight, and I read Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog, by Grant Petersen.  The low carb/weight loss correlation does not surprise me as I did the Atkins diet in the early 2000’s, and it worked.  So, I initially dropped about 15 lbs, I think (I didn’t weigh myself exactly on January 1, so I had a few days to lose water weight).  Anyway, the last few weeks, I haven’t been so good – at least on the weekends.  The first weekend was Easter which there was a thing at the Girlfriends brother and sister-in-laws…I had some chips.  Then we went to a big wheel race party in SF…and I had everything else.  But I got back on the plan on Monday (if not Sunday night).  Then last weekend was Carmel and this weekend was…this weekend.  No real occasion to speak of.  OK, to be fair, we went to a child’s birthday party – a friend of my GF’s daughter; they had cake.  And chips…and therein lies the rub.

Like the last time I did a low-carb diet, I certainly was not hungry.  But then, I don’t normally eat for hunger.  I mean, I do, but stay with me here:  I eat for most other reasons in addition to hunger:  I’m happy, sad, tired, well-rested, stressed, relaxed, etc…  But the thing that low-carb lacks – the thing that I start to crave – is crunchy food.

Don’t start in about almonds and celery and such, either; you know what I mean.  I want chips.  Corn chips, tortilla chips, potato chips, you name it.

Also – as I’ve intimated above as well as probably in earlier posts – I don’t stick with any one thing over the long term.  I can be great for 8 months and then BANG!  It’s over.

So, that’s how I’ve been doing with that.

As for riding, the past two weeks have been low on mileage.  Naturally with Easter and being out of town, I did not get my normal weekend ride in.  Also as I was on call last week, I could not realistically cycle commute.  But today, we did a 34 mile training ride and I noted that I can spend a lot more time in the big ring…something that I rarely ever spent time on.  This tells me that – despite having slacked off the past two weeks – my fitness is increasing.  So I’m thinking that my commuting on the fixed gear might be paying off.

It might be time to do more weekend rides on the fixed gear to see how well I do.

Enough of this.


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