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Right, then…

As of late, I’ve been getting hit with random thoughts.  Nothing bad or scary.  Just things that elicit the “…and just where the hell did that come from?” response.  Mind you, I’m not on any meds that I’ve been made aware of, and I’m going on almost 2 years sans booze, so it can’t be that.  But every now and again, they pop up.  To wit:

  • Helicopters are aerodynamically suspect.
  • Wait wait wait wait wait…are you telling me that’s NOT butter? I can’t believe it…
  • When the French go to change a tire, do they use a Jacques?
  • For some reason, the word “residue” makes me laugh….I’m sure subconsciously my mind is thinking something nasty, but it’s not sharing it with the rest of my brain…
  • I just realized that planes don’t have horns (like trains, cars or buses). I figure it’s because by the time two planes are close enough to warrant the use of a horn, both guys are screwed so it doesn’t matter…
  • I think sweet potatoes are just Yams that are in the Witness Protection Program…
  • I think tonight’s debate should be moderated by Alex Trebek. That way after every time Obama or Romney state their piece, they can say “…so suck it, Trebek.” Yes. That would be optimum.
  • I just realized that when a boat leaks, it sinks; when a house leaks, it doesn’t. Which is a good thing, because IKEA furniture does not handle water very well…
  • I just realized that The Earth is the largest planet in the world…
  • Here’s a great name for a band: Maximum Squish

I’m actually sort of happy with these thoughts because they all fall in the odd/funny category (to me, anyway) – I just sort of wonder how these come about and if anyone else thinks things like this…



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  1. free penny press
    November 25, 2012 at 17:53

    Oh boy.. I thought i was the only one that comes up with random crap.. I used to drive my kids crazy tossing things out of context to them and getting the “deer in headlights” look in return and then the “what did she just say”.. I think it’s cool you do this, keeps ye olde brain alive 🙂

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