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The Rules, Revisited

[NOTE:  This is a guilt posting – I put this up on my FB account and felt that I should at least do the same here.  I realize it’s been some months since I put anything up and that’s partially due to it being a relatively quiet summer combined with general malaisiness.  I have some travel planned in the coming months, so hopefully, the creative juices will be flowing by then!  Thankx, MIMW2]


Right, then..


It seems that – as a society – we’ve strayed from a core set of rules.  Personally, I blame People Magazine, Reality TV, Entertainment Tonight (and its devil-spawn, The E! Channel) and The Internet.


So, The Rules – these will not guarantee that life will run smoothly….they just will help us to that goal.  We need to remember that we are people – not demographics, religions, political parties, income levels or social strata – and act accordingly.



  1. Mind your own business
  2. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it, don’t read it, don’t listen to it
  3. You do not have the right to not be offended
  4. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do
  5. Others might not agree with you – that’s OK; You might not agree with others – that’s OK, too
  6. You are not here to impede on others lives
  7. Take responsibility for your actions
  8. Don’t be a dick
  9. It’s not all about you
  10. It’s not all about what you have
  11. Looks can go to hell, after that you’d better have something to talk about.
  12. Do your job; do it well
  13. Aspire to be an improvement on the prior generation
  14. Moderation
  15. Get help when you need it
  16. No Cock Blocking

See?  Very simple.


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