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Use Just One Paper Towel

Right, then…

Haven’t had a lot of adventures lately outide of normal day to day stuff – a little hiking and biking.  I’m playing with barefoot running, but there’s not much to write about that, yet. 

What I did want to write about is this TED video that I saw:


Admittedly, I did not think it would work, or – worse – it would be a clammy compromise.

Read my lips, folks:  I. Was. Completely. Wrong.  Mr. Smith’s “shake and fold” method worked shockingly well.  So well, that I’m blathering about it to my friends.  Additionally, I’ve written to Peet’s, Starbucks and REI, trying to see if they’d consider promoting this in their stores [For refernce: REI has ~110 stores in the US; Peet’s has ~200; Starbucks, about 17 Thousand Million (I’m rounding)] –  that’d be a lot less waste if just 1% of the customers did this.  Further, once folks started doing this, I’d reckon they’d do the “shake and fold” whenever they used a paper towel.

Now, I’m not a very eco person that washes and reuses aluminum foil and composts and whatnot.  I separate the recyclables, try to group my trips when I drive and take CalTrain or BART or bike when I can, and that’s it.  But this thing – shake and fold – just blew me away.  Mainly because a) it works, and b) there’s no reason not to do it.

So, do it.  Then go tell your friends about it.

Thank you, Joe Smith.


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  1. free penny press
    May 15, 2012 at 16:23

    I want you to know I followed your direction, watched the video, then washed my hands, shook (12 x) and folded and Voila, you are right..It worked, they were dry as a bone.. amazing really. I actually practiced this today at work whenever I washed my hands.. What a great concept and plan to say so much paper waste..
    great post!!!

  2. May 15, 2012 at 21:09

    I know! The fact that it’s so simple and it actually works is what is driving me to tell everyone that I can. I haven’t heard back from REI, Starbucks or Peet’s yet, but I’m guessing that they haven’t gotten to my email 🙂

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