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A Quick, Sad Note…

Right, then….

A few weeks ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to be one of the six runners that has not yet read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

Born to Run introduces (to society at large, that is) the Tarahumara tribe in the Copper Canyon in Mexico, and – amongst other things – their ability to run long distances in shoes without any padding or support (“huararches”).  This book also fueled the barefoot/minimalist running….I hate to use the word “craze” but that’s what comes to mind –  that was started when Vibram Five Fingers came on the market in 2005.  This book also chronicles the beginning of the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon and the high-powered freak called “Caballo Blanco” that made it all happen. 

Well, it seems that last Tuesday, Caballo Blanco (real name:  Micah True) went out for a 12-mile run in the Gila National Forest.  He was reported missing on Wednesday by the innkeepers and his body was found by Search and Rescue crews yesterday, out on the trail. 

I had hoped that this was just a disappearing act.  Like maybe he got tired of the publicity and all of the whathaveyou from the book and just decided to pull the rip cord.  This hope faded when I learned that he left his dog behind at the lodge when he left for his run.  Now, I’ve never met the man and my only exposure to him is what I’ve read a few weeks ago, but I had a hard time trying to swallow that the guy would just up and abandon his dog, just to escape – I did not get that he was that kind of guy.  Thus, the run away and hide scenario faded.

So far, no cause of death is listed, but it does not look like there was any sort of trauma (either due to being attacked or due to a fall).  As there are no details, it’s all speculation at this point.  For his sake, I just hope it was quick, like a sudden heart failure or an aneurism.  Because while the daytime temps were mild, it was in the 20’s at night – and the guy simply did not deserve to freeze to death. 

From reading about him, it seems that he spent part of his life going along with what others wanted until he finally decided (after his wife left him) to do what worked best for him…and what worked best for him went against the grain of…well…lots of things, I think.  I have to respect that. 

I’ll end with something he posted on his Facebook page in January:  “If I were to be remembered for anything at all, I would want that to be that I am/was authentic. No Mas. Run Free!”

Correr con Dios, Caballo.

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