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One quick update before the week starts

Right, then…

I wanted to circle back on one thing and open the topic on another, before I trundle off to bed.

In the last post, I mentioned that I signed up for ClimbFind.com, so I can locate folks to climb with at my local gym. Straight out of the chute, I connected with someone that was looking for a partner the same day and time that I was looking for, and we arranged to meet…but – well, if this were a date, I’d say I was stood up, because she didn’t show. The main point, however, is that so far, it seems that the ClimbFind app is fairly slick (human frailty, aside), so I actually look forward to calling out for climbing partners to see how well it actually works.

Also, after dinking about, I’ve decided to give minimalist running a try. Since Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) became popular, I’ve been intrigued by them. In fact, I was eyeing some at REI yesterday, but backed off when the sales guy offered to let me try on a pair. After thinking about it, I remember that a former roommate bought some “invisible shoes” (or Hurarches) that he liked, so I just ordered a pair – which are approximately 1/2 the cost of VFF’s, so if I don’t like it, I’m not out that much. Note that while I’m getting a custom pair made (I had to send them a trace of my foot), I could have just ordered a kit which consists of sole material and lacing and made my own…maybe I’ll try that with the next pair. In the meantime, I’m going to work on building up some foot muscles by walking barefoot around the neighborhood (0.5 mi or so), so I don’t inadvertently tear something out the first time I try to run on these things. It should be interesting…

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