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Well now, this is just silly…

Right, then…


It’s true – this is silly.  It’s also narcissistic and self-aggrandizing and all sorts of other whathaveyou.


I changed the name of this blog from Runner On A Bike to The Second Most Interesting Man In The World due to some reflection on a life change.  That change, mainly, is the realization that I’m not just a runner or a cyclist.  For that matter, I’ve been laying off of the running and cycling and focusing on hiking for an upcoming trip, but that’s a story for another time.


Recently looking at some pictures I have on the book of faces, I realize that I’m shown:  1) Running, 2) kayaking, 3) backpacking, 4) sailing and 5) SCUBA diving.  In addition to these, I have pics of my motorcycle and bicycles.  I also ran for Pope in 2005; again another story for another time.  Regardless, limiting this to just running and cycling would be plain wrong. 


As for the name, for years a good friend of mine has referred to me as the “[First Name Last Name] Action Figure”.  As of late, she has started calling me “The Second Most Interesting Man in the World”.  I can’t be the first, because this guy is. 


Fair enough; I’ll take it.


What’s funny is that I do not credit myself for the things I do.  In fact, I view myself as quite boring.  Society values those outgoing types that spend a lot of money on flash and going out to clubs and such.  I don’t do those things.  Yes, I spend a lot of money, but it’s more on gear for my activities than to merely have something to show off (though it is sort of cool showing off a shiny new piece of gear).  Despite my self-view, others have assured me that I’m not boring.  Their point is that while some folks talk about doing some of these things “some day”, I actually go out and do them.   

Hell, I didn’t know that there was a special trick to that.  I’m not even expert in any of the things I do; I’d be happy to consider myself mediocre.  For that matter, the reason I’m in to so many things is because I really get in to something at first, then get bored with it and move on after a while, only to return to it after I’m bored with whatever else I’ve gotten in to.


It’s a vicious habit, and REI is my dealer. 


What’s amusing to me is that there’s no design to what I’m doing, I’m just sort of doing them.  To me, that’s the sign that I’m bored.  To others, that makes me an adventurer.


No – let’s put that in bold italics:  an Adventurer


What scares me though is that it’s a helluva title to live up to.  I’m not in to wrestling snakes, or jumping off cliffs or having weasels rip my flesh.  In fact, if the odds of death are approaching even, I’ll back away from it.  Hell, I don’t even like spiders.  (Parenthetical case in point:  October is apparently the month where the Tarantulas come out on Mount Diablo; I’ve made it a point to never go to Mount Diablo during the month of October ever ever ever.)  I’m afraid that, like my original assessment, most real adventurers will find me boring.

Then again, I guess it’s all in who you ask.  To someone that free-climbs the face of Half Dome the BASE jumps off of it, we’re all boring.  To someone that thinks ordering something other than the Bottomless Bowl of Pasta at The Olive Garden is a wild night out, I’m Indiana Jones. 


Of course, writing this has made me wonder “Why, precisely, do you give a fuck what others think?”  A good question, that, because I really don’t know.  This blog is not in any form a commercial venture.  I don’t promote this at all.  In fact, none of my friends or family know of it because I don’t necessarily want them reading it. 


This probably brings me to why I write here.  Writing, as is illustrated in the previous paragraph, makes me think.  I use this as my own journal to help me sort and compartmentalize thoughts, ideas and other whathaveyou. 


I don’t have a nice, tidy ending here, so I’ll just…well…end it here.




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