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Thing’s are a-changin’

Right, then…

First off, summer is here [finally].  After some bullshit weather (rain, cold) into the beginning of June, it’s officially been Hotter Than Balls the past couple of days.  I think it will continue through tomorrow, then go back to normal temps.  But at least it’s not raining, which is good.

So, now that we have good weather, I should be out riding and running, right?  Well, yes, that is what I would normally be doing, but I’m back to this stupid fucking chest cold again.  This is the third time this year I’ve had this.  I think I had this in April, then it came back in late May.  Then, my concern was that I wouldn’t be well enough to ride Tour de Cure in June, but I got better right before that.  Rode the tour, then started a great week of running (logged 21 miles) including sprints and some distance.  The plan was to then shift back to the bike and get some hills in (my normal Foothill/Moody Rd route)…

…then, I got sick again.  Fuck.  Of course, now that I know one should not exercise with a chest cold I’m back down to doing nothing, which sucks.  Frustrating in that it seem that whenever I start to make progress, I get sick again.  The reason I’m working out and not drinking and all that is to avoid this shit – now it’s happening more often.  Bugger.

So that’s that.  I mean, I’ll get better and be back on the road soon enough, but I just had to bitch about it.

In other news, I got a room in a house up in Millbrae.  I originally was going to head back to Fremont, but someone suggested the peninsula would be a nice place to live, to which I agreed.  I chose Millbrae as it has a BART/CalTrain station right there and is generally a nice place to be.  Near the house is a reservoir (drinking water, so I can’t paddle or swim in it) that has trails that I can bike and run.  Better still, we’re only about a 15 min drive (1 hour bike ride) to Pacifica.  I guess it’s time to take those surfing lessons I’ve been threatening to take.  Also, Millbrae has a little downtown area, down the hill.  As for hills, I’ll definitely be able to get my hill repeats in – a check of MapMyRide shows that Millbrae Ave has a steadily increasing hill starting at 0 and increasing to 13% grade over 1.6 miles.  That will get the heart going.

In other words, I’m moving.  There will be an overlap in July which sucks, but that’s life.  I’d rather do that then try to be out of one place and in to another all in one day.

In the meantime, I’m looking at stuff I need to get rid of.  I see no point in storing anything as I’ll wind up paying more for storage than I would just buying new stuff whenever I get my own place again.  A yard sale is in the works to get rid of the big stuff (desk, storage cabinet – I already sold the table and couch to some friends) and small stuff (electric guitar, other assorted items).

The move has caused a desire to de-clutter.  Also, as I’m trying to watch my dollars closer (getting out of debt would be nice) I’m looking at the minimalist/frugality aspect of things.  It’s interesting.  Not sure how far I’ll go in to this, but some things are worth trying.  I mean, I don’t see myself reusing paper towels or anything, but I might try some new things.

By the way, minimalism and frugality are not synonymous.  Minimalism is more about the aesthetic of not having a lot of clutter; cost is not a concern in this case.  Contrarily, frugality is getting maximum value out of an item; in this case cost is a point of consideration, but only in relation to the objects longevity.  More to the point, the difference is this:

Minimalism:  I simply must get an iPad so I can read books.

Frugality:  I can check books out at the library

I go through this every now and again, but wind up abandoning it when I’m hurried for time.  Then again, I’ve changed in recent years, so maybe I’m at that point where I can make it stick.  Regardless, it’s always good to declutter – less stuff to lug about (and dust).

On to bikes.  The Bobby J is still sitting in the corner.  My overarching goal is to poach the good stuff from the Dawes and make the Bobby J my randonneuring bike and the Dawes my upright tool around bike.  As I’m moving, my goal now is to strip the desired parts off of the fixed gear Dawes and put it on the Bobby J – the purpose of which is twofold:  1)  It’s cheaper, and 2) the sooner I strip the Dawes frame, the sooner I can possibly sell/donate it and thus not lug it up to the new place.  That’s the thought at least.

Well, enough of this.  I probably should be getting about my day.  Lots of stuff to do…

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