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Oh, it’s here…

Right, then…

Christmas came and went and I’m staring New Years in the face.  But enough of that:  I have a new bike.  The first new bike I’ve had in 18 years.

Shiny New Toy

Oh, dig me!  So, the specs:

2011 Raleigh Record Ace

Lugged 520 Reynolds Frame

Primarily Ultegra gruppo (cassette, front and rear derailleurs and brifters).  Swapped out the original Ultegra chainring with Sora.  Now, I know that might be blasphemous in some circles, but here was the problem:  The Ultegra chainrain was 53/39 – obviously this was spec’ed out for folks that live in areas that are either a) flat or b) slightly downhill.  As mentioned before, I had the Sora unit (50/34) on the Dawes before I swapped it out for the Sugino triple chainring.  A quick test-ride showed that it works just fine with the rest of the gear.  Brakes are 105 and…well, they stop the bike nicely; not sure what else they’re supposed to do.  I had Shimano R540 clipless pedals installed (did not like the toe clips that were originally on the bike).

Surprisingly, the Brooks Swallow seat is somewhat comfortable.  I figured it would be painful – it certainly looks so.

I did a non-scientific weight test against the roommates aluminum Giant OCR-1; mine is slightly heavier by a pound or so, I’d say.  Overall, I’d say the rig weighs in at about 20 to 21 lbs.

Tomorrow the roommate and I are going on a short (~20 mile) shakedown ride to see how well it works.  Then I go from there…

Going to be a lot of fun, I think…

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