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Now we’ve got it together!

Right, then…

After long last, the handlebar bag and front rack was installed.  We are looking good, Billy Ray!

Tahn at WGB also had to rework the headlight as it is now mounted on the front rack.  Once again, an outstanding job.

On the topic of changes, my buddy and I re-swapped the wheels.  A couple of months ago, I had a lighter set of Wheelsmith wheels installed.  Yes, they were lighter, but they were also narrower with 23c tires.  So while, yes, the bike was a bit faster, the ride and handling went all to hell.  So, the night before Thanksgiving we re-installed the original wheels.  Of course, adjusting the brakes gave us hell and while they stop the bike, it’s not good solid stopping.  But for the time being, it will work, fine.

Now, it’s time to start looking at some randonneuring.

On the new bike front, I had a fit of logic and reason which I realize, in retrospect, really does not work when it comes to bikes.  The short of it is that I don’t need a bike, I want a bike.  Not knowing where else to turn, I posted my dilemma on bikeforums.net.  One reader commented that asking bike guys whether I should buy a new bike is like asking heroin addicts whether I should shoot up.  Good point, that.  In short, it just sealed my decision to buy a new bike, money allowing.  Right now, the money thing is what’s pissing me off.  I have a customer that should be paying me monthly, but has been paying late, which is screwing up my plans.  I’ll need to work on that.

OK, then – enough of this.

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