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Oh, this is gonna suck…

Right, then…

Yesterday I finally got back in to things.  I rode to work…a little slower than normal, but it’s a start.  Still clearing out my lungs.  That said, I made it in reasonably good form.  Then, being Wednesday, there was the running group.  3.5 miles.  Oh, holy shit, I am fucked.

Sometimes after I haven’t been running the legs will be a little stiff and sore for a bit, but then loosen up as they get warmer.  Not this time – everything was sore the entire time.  Further, my left hip/glute was sending signals of extreme displeasure – almost like the hip joint or lower back needed to be cracked.  All the while, I’m – again – clearing various, disgusting semi-solids from my lungs.

While I did not time myself, we calculated that I did the run in about 35 minutes, or a 10 minute mile.  I think I remember doing this last at 9:20.  That said, I did complete the loop, running the entire time, so there’s that.

Of course, as I rode in, I rode home.  My but that sweat-soaked shirt was cold.

All in all the entire exercise was simultaneously good and bad for the ego.  If nothing else, it’s going to take a bit for me to get back in shape – illness that was preceded by laziness is not good for conditioning.  Naturally, I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow, so there won’t be much rigorous exercise until next Wednesday.

Welp – that’s life, I reckon…

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