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Yep, it’s gonna suck…

Right, then…

As a matter of policy, I do not got to doctors.  Not that I have anything against them, mind you.  In fact, I rather respect someone who does ~10 years of higher education.   It’s that they tend to run with undesirables, like the folks in the insurance industry.  Because of that, I avoid doctors like the plague.

All that said, I have my limits.  I’ve had this Stupid Bollocks Cold for almost two weeks and the chest-rattling, shifting-without-the-clutch cough is still hanging around.  Over the counter meds are not doing the trick, so it was time to consult a professional.

As I only have medical insurance for major catastrophic medical instances (like spontaneous decapitation), I went to a walk-in clinic.  Hell – I’m paying for everything anyway, so I might as well get seen now, instead of waiting for three or four days for a doctor that will do a bunch of tests that will cost thousands.

In short, I learned that I have (or, rather, am recovering from) bronchitis.  Further, the fact that I’ve been forcing myself to run and ride have only been making matter worse.  So now, I’m down for a bit, with two different steroid inhalers.  I’m not going to make the Warrior Dash tomorrow, which is a bummer.  Also, I remembered that the Silicon Valley Marathon that I blew off, is on Sunday…so after all that fretting, it looks like I would have missed it anyway.

Oh, well – hell.  That’s the way things shake out.  At least I got meds that will get me better….


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Oh, this is gonna suck…

Right, then…

Yesterday I finally got back in to things.  I rode to work…a little slower than normal, but it’s a start.  Still clearing out my lungs.  That said, I made it in reasonably good form.  Then, being Wednesday, there was the running group.  3.5 miles.  Oh, holy shit, I am fucked.

Sometimes after I haven’t been running the legs will be a little stiff and sore for a bit, but then loosen up as they get warmer.  Not this time – everything was sore the entire time.  Further, my left hip/glute was sending signals of extreme displeasure – almost like the hip joint or lower back needed to be cracked.  All the while, I’m – again – clearing various, disgusting semi-solids from my lungs.

While I did not time myself, we calculated that I did the run in about 35 minutes, or a 10 minute mile.  I think I remember doing this last at 9:20.  That said, I did complete the loop, running the entire time, so there’s that.

Of course, as I rode in, I rode home.  My but that sweat-soaked shirt was cold.

All in all the entire exercise was simultaneously good and bad for the ego.  If nothing else, it’s going to take a bit for me to get back in shape – illness that was preceded by laziness is not good for conditioning.  Naturally, I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow, so there won’t be much rigorous exercise until next Wednesday.

Welp – that’s life, I reckon…

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October and vanity

[Authors Note:  This post was originally written on October 19, 2010, but has been sitting in draft mode as I had run out of creative juices.  It’s now late November and I have more creative juices, thank you.]

Right then…

It seems that since summer showed up in June, it is determined to hang out until November, as summers typically last about five months in California.  To attest to this fact, it is – on October 12, about 88F.  Tomorrow, we’re looking at 92F.

So I ask the studio audience – precisely what the shit is this?   OK, yes, I realize that I was bitching about rain and overcast weather in May, but…that was May.  All this hot shit should have been done with by now.

Of course, as I’m typing this, I realize that I have forgotten about Indian Summer, where it gets unseasonably/unreasonably hot in October, before dipping in to Fall.  But it’s not that we actually have Fall in California – there’s just this period where we wear shorts and sweatshirts at the same time.  Now, after this unnamed period, there’s the period where we go to the snow.  In other places (like those with the snow that we go to) this is known as Winter.  The only real way we know it’s Winter is that there is less daylight and we can’t reasonably sleep with the windows open for a while.

But this is all academic, actually.

Personally, I’ve been going through one of my weird phases.  I have a fairly decent arsenal of interests in my quiver that I tend to rotate through – sometimes with frightening frequency.  A lot of these are somewhat seasonal or pertain to travel – I would not normally go sailing in November, unless I’m in the tropics.  Snowboarding in the summer has proven to be somewhat lacking.  I’ve never done any cold-weather kayaking, but it’s entirely a possibility.  All that said, I’m in sort of a lull.  I’m not sure what I’m interested in.

During the back half of the summer, my riding and running was severely off step.  I just wasn’t into it.  Even the commute to work was thrown off by the fact that I was not able to get out of be early enough to get things together and ride in.  Of course, things have picked up over the last week or so.   After having some work done to the bike, I’ve started setting my alarm so that I can get my ass out of bed and get to work.  On Friday I did a 26 mile ride to test out the new triple-chainring crank I just had installed (and summarily learned that I’ve lost some conditioning).  Sunday was kayaking in Monterey and yesterday I did mountain biking up at the Saratoga Gap (a place I have not been in almost 10 years).

I’m not sure the cause of this flurry of activity.  I was considering doing a ride today, but something told me that I should chill out a bit.

Part of that, I think might be the chronic injury that I have to my left Achilles.  I find that it’s fine when I’m good and lazy, but as soon as I do something (run, bike), it starts aching later that day (and gets worse the next morning).  I find this disturbing and somewhat irritating – it’s like my body likes it when I lie around and do nothing.  Hell, for that matter, I like it when I lie around and do nothing.  All of this running and biking and hiking and what have you is done in order to keep me in some sort of reasonable shape, so I can continue to eat and drink beer and not resemble an elephant seal.

Yes, folks – we now know the real reason why I subject myself to these things:  Vanity.   I’m vain.  In fact, I’m so vain, I probably think the song is about me, I’m so vain.

So, as you can see, it’s a bitch when the thing that I’m trying to keep looking somewhat good (my body) turns against me and prevents me from doing the things that help keep it looking good.

In addition to this, I’m fighting off a cold and bronchitis [which I learned after I had started writing this].  So not only are there mechanical issues, I also can’t get enough air in, anyhow.

What complete, utter bullshit.  Oh, well.  Time for a beer, I reckon.

Stupid Bollocks Cold…

Right, then…

OK, let’s get down to the brass tacks – I’ve been lazy.  No real good reason – just lazy.  OK, fair enough.  That said, the past week, I’ve been getting back into things again – running and biking.  Hell, I even went mountain biking on the Saratoga Gap Trail, and I haven’t done that in almost 10 years…

….now, I have some stupid chest cold, and I’m pissed.  Motivation has always been an issue with me.  It takes a lot to get me going and it seems that once I get going on a nice rhythm, something comes up and jacks my shit:  Work, travel or sickness.

I’m heading to Fresno, tomorrow.  Might as well get two shitty things done at once…

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