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I Don’t Wanna…

Right, then..

OK, so I had signed up for the 2010 Silicon Valley Marathon, as I had nothing better to do with my time.  Subsequently, I started training.  The problem:  It was harder than it was last year.  Worse, yet – I just didn’t care as much as I did, before.  But me being me, I kept at it.  After all, I had paid $85 (or whatever) and told everyone I was going to do it, so I had to, right?

Apparently not.  After feelings of misgivings and generally not giving a shit, I confessed to two different women in my life – both very important in their own way – about what was going on in my head.  The short of it was that, while I still enjoy running, I just don’t feel like doing another marathon.  So they told me – get this – not to run it.  Actually, that’s not entirely true:  They asked me why was I still trying, then?

It was a good question, actually.  Ego, for one, was my first reason.  I told folks I was going to do it.  ..and…well – that’s the only real reason.  Everything else has been signaling negative.  I mean, I like the sense of pride I get after I run 15 miles, but that feeling is diminished by the general shitty feeling (tired, fatigue) I get after running 11.2 more of them after that.

I guess, I felt I’d be a failure because I tried and then stopped.  It was something to identify with.  To wit:

Someone else:  “What did you do, yesterday?”

Me:  ” Well, I’m currently training for a Marathon, so I ran 19 miles.”

Someone else:  ” Holy shit.”

So letting that go is a difficult thing for me.  Mind you, this does not even take in to account the fact that I had already run the fucking thing a year earlier. I have the shirt.   The medal is on a shelf above my bed.  I can still do an easy 1/2 marathon, while others are still smoking in bed, for fuck sake!

Upon learning that I have a general ache in my left Achilles after I run, one woman told me that was a sign that my body thinks I should back off a bit.  True, perhaps, but that does not gibe with my wide open throttle way of doing things.  The other woman told me that “your body tells you all you need to know; ignore it at your own peril”.  She also reiterated the importance of being able to do things like walk after 50, and that there is benefits to not tearing out my knees, ankles and hips in the process.   Another true point as the knees are starting to ache a wee bit.

In the end, I’ve decided to hang it up.  It didn’t bother me as much as I thought.  I can still run, and I still enjoy running up to 1/2 marathons.  Further, my circle of friends that are runners would completely understand – in fact, most of them that have run 1 or 2 marathons have sworn off of them and now stick to 13.2 or less.  An added benefit is that now, instead of slogging through training runs, I can go do trail runs (8 to 12 K or so) without having to sweat my training schedule.  Further, I can participate in shorter runs that my friends are going to be doing (I could not, originally, as these fell on my long distance training days).

Now – does this mean that I’ll never run a marathon again?  Well, I believe in the phrase “Never say never”, so no, it does not.  It will just take me some time to get back to that place where I want to do it…and that time is not now.

Another thing I’m giving up:  Swimming.  It was good, but I just don’t feel like doing it.

Besides…I’d rather be running.

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Summary of Experience

Mr. Tolbert has ten years of experience in the gases and chemicals industry.  During this time, he has led operations teams in high tech and industrial manufacturing environments.  His experience includes safety management, emergency response participation, and participating in risk assessments.  Additionally, he has led incident investigations, tracked and implemented corrective actions as well as developed and delivered technical and safety training.


Occupational Safety and Health Certificate – UCSC Extension – In Progress


BS Business Management – University of Phoenix

Professional Experience

Running Pirate Consulting – Santa Clara, CA

Owner – January 2009 to Present

  • Collect, validate, scrub radioisotope data – load into ChemSW Database.
  • Developed and administered ChemSW Database training to EH&S and scientific staff
  • Acted as liaison between customer and vendor to configure pH monitoring probe
  • Monitor effluent pH, report excursions, gather waste water data for bi-annual Self-Monitoring Report
  • Project managed seismic bracing efforts – coordinated with lab and equipment users to prioritize equipment, liaised with vendor in order to provide quote, oversaw installation process
  • Perform scheduled lab inspections; record findings, inform lab owners of non-compliant items, follow up and close out
  • Developed database to track and report lab inspection findings
  • Performed equipment audit for annual machine guarding program review
  • Performed energy control and isolation program review
  • Acted as scribe for Process Hazard Analyses
  • Acted as technical resource for Process Hazard Analysis
  • Performed annual inspection for food processing facility
  • Perform Lock Out/Tag Out program review, wrote report, including suggestions for improvements

Matheson-Trigas, Inc – Newark, CA

Production Manager – October 2007 to September 2008

  • Oversaw daily operations of Inventory Procurement, Incoming Quality Assurance, Receiving and Package Production Departments
  • Performed job safety analyses on daily tasks
  • Conducted accident investigations and root cause analyses, assign and track corrective actions
  • Provided new-hire, on-the-job and recurring safety and technical training
  • Followed up on employee training status
  • Conducted safety and housekeeping inspections; close out corrective actions
  • Ensured operators are completing USD (Union Sanitation District) and wastewater release logs
  • Oversaw waste cylinder remediation program
  • Developed database and spreadsheet tools for better data capture and reporting

Air Products Polymers, LP – Dayton, NJ

Operations Superintendent – March 2006 to April 2007

  • Led team of three direct and 21 indirect reports covering inventory management, production, distribution, quality and on-time delivery
  • Chaired plant safety committee; identify trends, follow up and close action items
  • Investigated near miss and recordable incidents and update near miss database as events warrant
  • Conducted safety inspections in plant; assign, follow up and close action items
  • Conducted inspections to ensure plant is meeting stipulations of rainwater permit
  • Communicated near miss and environmental incidents to management and US polymers plants
  • Participated in confined-space pre-entry meetings; review and approve entry and rescue plan; sign off on confined-space entry permits
  • Participated in process-hazard analyses
  • Prepared for and participated in ISO 9000 audits

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc – Various Locations

Business Data Lead, SAP Implementation – October 2004 to December 2005

  • Coordinated quality of key master customer, material and vendor data for SAP implementation
  • Led effort for collection, verification and scrubbing of vendor and product data primarily through use of MS Excel
  • Interacted with leads for production, QC, customer, and MRP to ensure data completeness

On-site Operations Manager – November 2000 to October 2004

  • Managed 6 gas technicians; co-managed 6 chemical technicians
  • Led small-scope projects
  • Managed, tracked and reported on $10MM gas operations budget
  • Participate in customer emergency response team
  • Review and authorize new chemicals arriving on site; identify required PPE and implemented any necessary procedural changes
  • Managed corporate safety program; tracked progress and reported results to regional manager
  • Acted as liaison between customer and corporate personnel on technical and commercial issues
  • Provided risk assessment and mitigation on both hazardous and routine operations
  • Provided safety and technical training to employees, customer personnel and contractors
  • Developed safety training curriculum to be used for customer-based online training
  • Participated in equipment installation design review
  • Maintained customer inventory of specialty chemicals
  • Interface with customer EHS department on critical issues
  • Participate and lead site safety inspection; assign and follow up on corrective actions
  • Interfaced with end-users on gas usage requirements; advise on technical, safety and operational issues
  • Initiated, reviewed and approved Management of Change requests (procedural and equipment)
  • Prepared for and participated in ISO 9000 audits

On-site Operations Technician – February 1998 to November 2000

  • Performed daily equipment inspections
  • Monitored customer hazardous materials inventory (gases) and order as required
  • Ensured process gas lines are adequately purged and isolated (LOTO) prior to equipment maintenance
  • Participated in emergency response events
  • Provided technical training and explanation to customer and contractors
  • Performed operations, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs on gas delivery equipment
  • Wrote and modified operational procedures; initiated and tracked MOC; trained affected personnel; updated document control system

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