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Finally. Movement.

Right, then…

OK, so after being off-step due to weather, work schedule, laziness and general malaise, I finally am getting my lazy ass moving again.

This started last Sunday with a 51 (51.89 to be exact) mile ride that took me from Willow Glen, down Almaden Expressway out to McKean//Uvas to Watsonville Rd and ultimately back up Santa Teresa.  It was a good ride.  Easier than the 49 miles I did a month ago inasmuch as there was only a fraction of the climbing going on.  What’s good is that I’ve solidly ascertained that I can do the mileage for Tour de Cure.  Now, it’s about dialing in fueling and seeing if I can work on maintaining a higher cruising speed.

On the running front, did my 7 mile loop on Thursday, averaging 9:34 min/miles which is a bit quick for me.  Going to try to work in some shorter, faster runs (e.g. 3mi @ 9:00) into the mix.

….aaaaand finally, got back to the climbing gym.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I was able to do all 5.9’s on Saturday (4 climbs – my normal amount).  I figured that I’d have dropped down to 5.8’s or 5.7’s, but no.

Legs finally gave out, however, on Sunday.  Rode to the gym, did Yoga then tried to do a fast 3 miles (again, at 9:00) only to barely make it one mile.  S’OK, though – I’ve got time.

Enough of this.  I should work.

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