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Thieving Sonsabitches…

Right, then…

As it is Memorial Day Weekend, my brother and sister-in-law came up from Fresno for the weekend.  With that, we planned on meeting in Downtown San Jose.  As I’m trying to get back into using the bike as much as possible (and that I planned on drinking and did not want to drive) I took the mountain bike to Santa Clara Caltrain and Caltrained down to San Jose.  Overall, it was a good afternoon and evening – lunch at The Brit, then down to a friends how for BBQ.  After it was all said and done, I show up at the Santa Clara station to retrieve my bike only to find that some dipshit had stolen my headlight.  Mind you, it’s a $20 Bike Planet light, so not a huge fiscal loss, but still – really folks?  Could this had been left alone?  I mean, yes, maybe I should not have left it, but then what was I going to do, carry it around all day?  Fortunately, I had gotten a ride back home, so I didn’t have to try to ride in the dark, sans light.

Stupid bastards…

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Completely Lazy…

Right, then…

I wish I had a really good excuse for laying off of running and riding.  But in the end, it was because of the weather.  For the past 6 weeks or so, we’ve been in “if it’s raining, it must be Monday” mode.  In and of itself, I don’t mind the rain, but it’s the constant changing weather that’s getting to me.  One day it’s 60F and cloudy, the next it’s 80F and sunny.  Then it’s down to 60F and cloudy.  I find it’s sapping my energy.  I stated earlier, that I have winter and summer modes – well, these days, I’m stuck in the middle.

All that aside, I’m happy to say that I’ve been trying.  Ran 9.5 mi on Sunday, biked to work on Weds, ran 7.16 mi yesterday and rode to Willow Glen and back this evening (just got back in fact).  To add to that, the 7.16 I ran on Thursday I PR’ed, averaging 9:02 miles, which, for me, is blazing.  Hopefully, I’m sliding back into the groove.

As for riding, coming home tonight, I experienced that quiet joy of riding at night.  Further, I had a couple of ports before leaving, so I had that fine, mellow high whist cruising home.  Always good.

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Finally. Movement.

Right, then…

OK, so after being off-step due to weather, work schedule, laziness and general malaise, I finally am getting my lazy ass moving again.

This started last Sunday with a 51 (51.89 to be exact) mile ride that took me from Willow Glen, down Almaden Expressway out to McKean//Uvas to Watsonville Rd and ultimately back up Santa Teresa.  It was a good ride.  Easier than the 49 miles I did a month ago inasmuch as there was only a fraction of the climbing going on.  What’s good is that I’ve solidly ascertained that I can do the mileage for Tour de Cure.  Now, it’s about dialing in fueling and seeing if I can work on maintaining a higher cruising speed.

On the running front, did my 7 mile loop on Thursday, averaging 9:34 min/miles which is a bit quick for me.  Going to try to work in some shorter, faster runs (e.g. 3mi @ 9:00) into the mix.

….aaaaand finally, got back to the climbing gym.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I was able to do all 5.9’s on Saturday (4 climbs – my normal amount).  I figured that I’d have dropped down to 5.8’s or 5.7’s, but no.

Legs finally gave out, however, on Sunday.  Rode to the gym, did Yoga then tried to do a fast 3 miles (again, at 9:00) only to barely make it one mile.  S’OK, though – I’ve got time.

Enough of this.  I should work.

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