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Right, then…

So, after a long day that preceded a couple of long weeks, I change clothes and go get the bike for the ride home.  I had tempted fate inasmuch as I rode in today knowing it was going to rain.  That said, I was fortunate to be graced with relative dryness for the ride home (not that rain would have stopped me, but still).

As I was rolling the bike to the door, it was making an odd squidgy sound.  Look down…Oh Happy Day – a flat.  I was severely tempted to walk to my roommates office to see if he could give me a ride home, but I persevered.  I signed up for this.  If I ever want to do any sort of long-distance riding, I’m going to need to put on my big boy pants and not wuss out when things like this happen.

In about what I’d guess to be 20 minutes, I got the wheel off, the tube changed and the wheel reinstalled.  Certainly slow by most standards, but I was able to get it done without snakebiting the tube or otherwise puncturing it.  Had a hangup with the pump, tho.  While Crank Bros makes a slick compact high volume/high pressure pump, it does not exactly operate intuitively.  So, maybe I would have been done in 15 minutes, had I read the instructions the first time.

Regardless, got it done and got home (though on an under-inflated tire…could not get the stem to quite seat well enough to jack the pressure up to 80psig…so 40 had to do).

I celebrated with beer.  But then again, had I gotten a ride home, I probably still would have celebrated with beer.

Enough of this…

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