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Break in the weather

Right, then…

OK, so we’ve had a nice break in the piss-ass rain, thus I’ve been able to get out on the bike and running after about a week, or so.  I’m glad to report that after two weeks of general sloth and laziness, I was still able to click off a 7 mile run at 10min/miles.  Unfortunately, the rain is coming back for a couple of days, but still, it’s good to see the sun, again.

Someone, however, did comment that I used to run and ride in the rain, not that long ago.  I’ve since learned that I have two modes:  Winter and Summer.  Once I’ve come to grips with being in Winter Mode, then I’ve no issue going out in the cold and/or rain.  However, comma, once I shift into Summer Mode, I turn into a big ol’ giant wimp.  I can’t go out – it’s raining!  It’s too cold!  I’ll get wet and…well…cold…

So I figure that’s what happened to me the past couple of weeks.  Like the confused foliage, I thought it was spring and settled into warmer/drier conditions, thusly shifting into Summer Mode.  Then the rains returned – and, pretty much returned to my big ol’ wimp phase and refused to go outside.

Now, I think – with a few noted days – we’re back into spring, and Summer Mode should suffice, nicely.

..at least, I hope so….

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