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Right, then…

What’s this shit with headwind?  I mean, I know it exists, but I’ve not been able to get away from it lately.  Case in point:  Today I rode down to San Jose and back with a headwind the entire way.  Now, if I’m riding into the wind and I make a 90 degree turn, I now expect to be riding abeam (to use a sailing term) to the wind.  But no – there I was, heading into the wind.  So, basically, I had wind all they way down and all the way back.  That means that the wind was coming from all directions.  The only conclusion, then, is that I was riding in a vortex, which was irritating.

Speaking of irritation, Less Than Optimum Weather has returned.  Rain is expected tomorrow with wintry conditions and snow in the foothills on Wednesday.  I know we need the rain, but what a pain in the balls.

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