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A new direction

Right, then…

OK, so a day after my last post, the company I was working at layed off 50% of it’s staff – among the included were dilettante consultants, such as myself.  So, that was the end of that.  It pretty much took everyone’s head clean off as layoffs were expected, but not that deep.  The Condemned went out for lunch that day, then a smaller group of us went out and had Italian at a local place in Santa Clara.  We all know we’ll be OK, but it was just a huge shock.  Funny what denial does.

Had to travel to Yuma, AZ this week, so I’ve had limited time on the bike.  I inadvertently went on a longish ride on Sunday – I was supposed to ride to the climbing gym for a yoga class, but wound up missing a turn – I think I was 1/8 mile from the place – and ended up doing a 17.5 mi loop.  At least I got my exercise (this was in addition to my trip down to San Jose – 13.5 mi, RT).  Tonight I rode down to the CalTrain station to catch a train up to Murphy st in Sunnyvale to drink with current and former and potentially future co-workers.  As the bar is only 5 mi from home, my original plan was to ride all the way in, but the rain was rather heavy, thus I took the train.  I did, however, put on some rain gear so I would not be soaked – it worked out quite nicely…again, there was that point of pride in that I was out there in the rain while the others were cowering in their cars.

Also, got some running in – I went on Monday, then yesterday, then again today.

Unfortunately, next week is not shaping up to be a good exercise week as I’m traveling Tues, Weds and Thurs.  I can probably get in a run Mon and Fri, but not sure about the other days.  I always bring running stuff when I travel, but rarely use it due to meetings and dinners and such.  We’ll see.  When I looked back over the week, I realized that I’ve only driven the truck since last Saturday – all other days it was sitting in the driveway.  I was out of town for 2 days, but still…

Baby steps…don’t lose your head Augustus, we wouldn’t want anyone to lose that…yet…

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