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Back on the road and general updates

Right, then…

First, off, I finally got the rear wheel back.  Turns out it was not bent.  Apparently, when properly tightened, spokes keep a wheel true and square, and when spokes are unevenly tightened, the wheel will take on a warped shape.  So that “bend” I thought I had?  Due to the broken spoke.  The wheel is back – I’ll be remounting it today.  Tahn was good enough to install a pie plate, as they don’t want to see me in with more damage for a long time.  I agreed, and am grateful for the help.

Last weekend, I did a snow trip.  It was pretty cool, actually – we took the train from Emeryville to Reno.  While this took about 2 extra hours travel time-wise (not counting the time taken to get to the station, wait for the train, check in, etc…) it was much more relaxing.  Just sit back, have a drink and watch the mountains go by.  Once there, we wound up renting a car to get to the snow.  There was a shuttle bus that we could have taken, but that would mean we would have had to been up and breakfasted and ready by 7:30…easy to do with three people or less; harder with more than three, thus the car.  Got my cross-country skiing in on Friday, and – once again – was not disappointed.  I love how it’s the REI ladies that go XC skiing – my age, fit, naturally beautiful, down to earth.  On Saturday, I went snowboarding and – to my surprise – enjoyed it.  I hadn’t been on a board for about 5 years, and the last time I was, I don’t recall being that impressed, thus I drifted away to XC.  This time…well, it felt good.  Admittedly, that first short run down a blue route (we made a nav error when choosing the lift) was steeper than I preferred.  It took about 15 mins to go maybe 1/8 mile as I kept falling.  Once on the green, though, it was much better.  I did fall, but it was more a function of my experimenting with the board (turning, mainly) as part of the re-learning curve.  It did suck in that later in the day, I managed to lose my gloves, so the last few runs were colder than I had hoped.  That said, I think about boarding more, and am considering picking something up at an end-of season sale…because I needed a new crack habit.

Now, the job.  Not much movement, yet.  I keep coming back and they don’t tell me to go home.  That, however, can end at any time.  I’ve started looking for a “real job” and am dealing with those frustrations – over qualified, under qualified.  Naturally, this is causing some fear and anxiety.  I’ve been told that there are three things to do, now:  1)  Worry, 2) Plan, 3) Play and keep on living my life.  The instruction is to spend the least amount of time on 1, more on 2, and the most on 3.  So, that’s about all I can do.  I do have a low-grade dread going on, now, but I think that’s more a cumulative effect of things I need to do:  1)  Finish class project due next Weds, 2) read up on stuff for customer project next week, 3) job search.  I know I’ll get this all done, but it’s frustrating in that my creative/working mind cannot really engage until there’s more pressure.  It’s just of the things I wish I could change about myself.

It’s going to be another interesting year, I think.

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