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Super Bowl Sunday!

Right, then.

Was a good and active Sunday. I should have known it would be good as the karma gods delivered a message of peace and love the day before. This message was in the form of 10 gallons of free IPA.

Basically, for the party, I ordered a 5 gal keg from Faultline Brewery (they don’t have full 7.5 pony’s). When I went to pick it up on Saturday, the conversation went like this:

Faultine Manager: What size keg did you order?
Me: 5 gallons. Why?
FM: Well, the brewer made a mistake and filled a 15 gallon keg, instead.
Me: Holy shit!
FM: But don’t worry, we’ll only charge you the price for 5 gallons and you can drink all you want.
Me: Hooray!

I giggled like a schoolgirl all the way home.

So, Sunday morning, I ran in the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon. Generally speaking, running SF is a pain in the ass because I don’t live in SF. This means that either a) I get a room there the night before, or b) I get up at Dark:30 to drive. This day, I exercised option B.

Outside of logistics, I love running in SF because – save for The Tenderloin and Hunters Point – it’s a consistently pretty run. Kaiser was no different. It started in Golden Gate park, ran east, then looped back down towards the Ocean, where we ran on The Great Highway (which – as far as highways go – is mediocre), then back to the park. I woman that I work with (who, parenthetically, has run the Boston Marathon) told me that this was a primarily downhill run. I was looking forward to that. Unfortunately, “downhill” is a relative term and it was just barely downhill, so I got none of that refreshing downhill recharge. I was clicking along nicely until about Mile 8 when my knees started to hurt. I pushed through until Mile 10 when I finally got over myself and started walking. This was a disappointment, but it was also a realization that a) I hadn’t trained as diligently as I did for the SF 1/2, and b) I’m “growing up” inasmuch as I was able to stop when I was hurting. In the old days, I would have ran through the pain, even if it meant causing damage. In the old old days, I would have not run at all and stayed home drinking. In the really old days, I would have been blackout drunk by noon.

I was *hoping* to complete the race in thereabouts of 2:20. Turns out that my official time is 2:41:51. In contrast, I did the SF 1/2 in 2:42:16. So even with lesser training and more walking, I PR’ed by 25 seconds. Not bad, I say. But I do realize that I have lost conditioning (but then again, I’m told that happens to all of us in the wintertime).

The rest of Sunday was good. Got home at 1PM and started the coals. BBQ’ed 3 marinated tri tips, smoked 1 lb of Italian Sausage and grilled 1 lb of Bratwurst – all came out good. The Italian sausage didn’t quite pick up a lot of the smoky flavor that I hoped for, but they were still good. Regardless, there was no more sausages or brats by the end of the night.

Oh, beer -yes, drank lots of beer. In addition to the 15 gallons of IPA, a roommate bought 2 cases of cheap beer (Natty light and Miller), plus guests brought beer. There’s a shitload of beer hanging around and I think it’s going to be drunk around here the next few days.

Overall, it was a success. Everyone ate and drank well, and had a good time. I’m told there was a game on, or something, but I was too busy drinking, cooking and bullshitting to notice.

Quick update on the bike: The Dawes is still at WGB – spoke to Tahn on Thursday (had a question about tubes) and he informed me that the new rack is installed and they were waiting on the bar tape from Velo Orange. He’s expecting the bike to be done sometime this week.

Now, I’m looking forward to a lazy day. I’m glad I got my homework all done on Saturday.

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