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Some sad news

Right, then.

Been OK for the past few days, but got some sad news, yesterday morning. At about 8:30 my very close friend/former girlfriend called me from the UK (where she resides) and informed me that her dog (a Yorkshire Terrier name Nijinski) had died. Over the years, he had bouts of illness and he’d always bounce back – she thought this was one of those times. This time, he crashed and never came back.

Generally, this is sad because, as a dog lover, a dog dying is always sad. It’s worse that I knew and loved the dog, as well. Making it worse was the fact that someone very close to me was sobbing with grief on the phone and we were 6000 miles apart and I could not do much buy try and comfort her. He was her baby.

Naturally, this happened on a day that I was working…after hearing the news, all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but I had to function…overall, I made it through the day and was able to go for the post-work run then bike home. I was OK, but I would have rather done nothing.

This is why I don’t own dogs – they die too soon and it hurts too much.

I know she’ll be OK (as does she) but it just sucks (especially considering that her mother died 7 mos ago).

My poor baby.

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