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Updates and such

Right, then.

It’s been a week, so I guess, I should say something.

Been a bit bike-light the past few days. On Wednesday, I dropped the Dawes off at WGB for it’s “new bike” dial in/tune up/adjustment/whatever. While it’s in, I’m having Tahn re-tape the bars with some leather bar tape from Velo Orange. Again, I hate to admit that I’m this shallow, but the bar tape will be matching the seat nicely, now. Also, going to have a pannier rack installed – just don’t like hauling the laptop and such in a backpack. I sweat enough as-is, I don’t need help from a pack.

Took the MTB in to work on Thursday, instead. I miss modern index shifting, but I also missed the new Brooks. Unfortunately, I started the day under the weather, and kept descending until lunch. Fortunately, a friend was able to drive me home. That’s one downside to biking to work – if you’re sick, you need to cop a ride, or rely on the charity of others. Started feeling better on Friday, so was able to stop by and get the bike. Positive note: The City of Santa Clara reopened the San Tomas Aquinas trail, since the flood waters receded.

Was going to ride down to SJ for a meeting this afternoon, but scotched it. Too tired from the weekend, and just generally didn’t feel like it. I’ll ride in to work, tomorrow.

In other news, despite my waning cold, I hit the snow this weekend. A few hours of cross-country skiing was good for the soul.

Also, I finally got off my ass and signed up at Planet Granite – now to see how I do with rock-climbing.

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