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More weather

Right, then.

Got rained on to and from work, today. Not quite a pissing rainstorm, but enough precipitation to remind me that I wasn’t driving. Funny thing was: I didn’t care. I actually enjoyed it…and I look forward to doing it again tomorrow. I think part of this is the “Holy shit, you rode in this?” effect. To further the point, when I’m at a light, I ensure that I look at those in the cars and smile, just to make sure they know that, no, I’m not distress, just because I’m wet.

Came in to work to find an e mail from the person who coerced me into signing up for the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon. She didn’t run on Tuesday (I was the only one that did), not interested in running on the streets during the rain, and is now afraid of running in the gym because the power might go out. Of course, her bigger fear is that she won’t be able to complete the race. I smugly replied that I did not just 4, but 7 miles solo, in the elements. A point of pride, that.

There is one more cool thing that I just remembered. On the ride home, I encountered a gentleman on the overpass where Scott Blvd crosses the Caltrain tracks. I was just about to crest and he was going the opposite way. He asked “Are you having fun?” (remember, it was raining steadily). My automatic response: “Hell, yeah!”.

Maybe, I’ve changed.

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