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Brooks saddle and weather

Right, then.

The Brooks Saddle finally came in, and let me tell you folks: It’s outstanding. I still need to make some adjustments as it’s a tad nose down for my taste, but I am amazed at how comfortable this feels, right out of the box. More importantly, it looks cool, too. (yes, I know I’m being shallow, but the nice thing about shallowness is that it prevents drowning). Of course, now I have to worry about the seat getting too wet and treating the leather and whatnot.

Also, when I drop the bike off at WGB next week, I’ll need to have Tahn retape the bars with brown cork tape to match the saddle (because black and brown really do not go together). While it’s in, I’m going to have a rear pannier rack installed – this should help with grocery runs (when I don’t feel like walking for 15 mins to the Safeway on Homestead), meetings that require the laptop and general errands.

On to other things…I did a foul-weather commute ride, yesterday (1/19/10). Because, if you’re going to ride in to work you should ride during one of the worst storms in recent history. I did the smart thing and went a bit out of my way, taking Las Palmas to Monroe to pick up the trail to Walsh…ran into trouble when I hit the Caltrain undercrossing…seems that the crossing was low, but the river was high….went through about hub-deep muddy water. No major big, but the feets got soaked. On the ride home, I found that The City of Santa Clara closed the trail, so it was Scott to Cabrillo to Los Padres…despite the wet weather, I find that I actually enjoyed the ride – which seems a bit odd, but then again, maybe not. There is a certain “dig me” aspect of riding in the rain – yes, Sir, you are quite manly in your 4WD SUV (that, parenthetically, never leaves the pavement), but I’m actually out here in the elements. I’m still, however, on the fence about foul weather gear. When I was a truck driver, I used to wear rain gear, but the act of getting in and out of the truck all day just made me sweaty – so in the end, I was still wet….what I was wet with was what made the difference.

Normally on Tuesdays, I run with a group at work – so now that I moved to Santa Clara, I bike to work, run after work, then bike home. Last night, I got stood up by even the hardiest (shockingly), so I biked home via the aforementioned route, then – in true addict fashion – ran 7 miles. Couple that with the 10 miles I did over the weekend, and I’m about as ready as I’ll be for the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon on Feb 7.

Today (Wednesday) is supposed to be the worst of this storm system. I’m back at home now (spent a few hours in Brisbane for a customer meeting) and the rain has started again. I really need to think about foul weather gear…

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