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Brooks saddle and work update

Right, then.

I finally broke down this week and bought a Brooks B17 saddle. The reasoning is twofold:

1) I hear that after they are broken in, they have luxury-car comfort – and –
2) They look cool (‘specially honey colored on a BRG bike)

I do realize that my #2 reason is a bit shallow, but I think all bikes beyond a certain phase-break have a “dig me” aspect about them. From “curated” fixies to $5000 carbon fiber race bikes, the owners want others to look and say “What the hell is that?”. I’m no better.

A check on UPS Quantumview shows that my saddle was leaving Mesquite, TX at 12:10 yesterday morning. Not sure why it was there, but I’ve learned to not question UPS.

Things are picking up on the work front. I like the prospect of more income – so thank you JuJu, Pele (both the Hawai’ian Queen and the Soccer Guy), God, Budda, Allah and whomeverthehellelse I can think of. So while I’ll miss my valued “screw around” time, the extra dollars are appreciated – especially since I picked up this new crack habit that makes me troll bike shops. All I ask is that I’m able to retain work/life balance.

Can’t wait to get my saddle, tho…

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