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I still do run, you know…

Despite riding the bike a lot, I still run. I’m fortunate in that I’ve found a running group at work (two of those guys are my roommates) and we run every Tuesday night. I typically get at least one run in on the weekend and another (in addition to Tuesday) during the week.

Went running this morning. I initially planned on running 10 miles (as I’m training for the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon in Feb), but after pulling out my Camelback (which I use for runs longer than 8 mi) and finding some sort of crud inside, I thought I’d cut it down to 7 miles. While I was out, I noticed my legs just felt dead. Up to this point, biking has had a positive effect on my running. I’m faster and my stride has become lighter. So today, as you can imagine, was a bit disheartening. I was hoping to do the 7 miles, then bike down to Willow Glen to meet friends and go to the SJ Auto Show. Instead, I cut the run short (just under 5 miles), and will drive to WG. We’re supposed to ride 20 miles tomorrow, so I’d like my legs to be serviceable.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my pants to dry, so I can leave.

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