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I can bike that…

A little bit about me…

I have a personality glitch: I have throttle control issues. I’m wide open or stop. I’m either feasting nightly on pizza and beer or I’m working out constantly and counting every calorie. As I progress through the time curve of life, I’ve been trying to serpentine the median – balance good and bad behaviors. Getting the bike was part of that. Remember, I’m actually a runner. When I was training for the marathon, it was mentioned that getting a bike would help me create balance (meaning, I wouldn’t be running all the goddamn time).

‘course, now that I have the bike, I’ve become the biking psycho. Now, I look at every trip I make and think “Dude, I can totally bike that”. As stated before, I’ve started riding to work. In fact, in the past month, I think I drove in to work once. I’m looking at a rack and panniers to do grocery shopping with. The other night, I rode back down to Willow Glen for a dinner meeting.

The problem with that trip was that I must have ridden a bit harder than I planned, as I was soaked and sweltering by the time I got to the restaurant. Probably had something to do with carrying 15lbs on my back (laptop and such) and just generally dealing with narrow streets and trying to stay frosty in the midst of traffic.

Dinner was good – had a few beers and enjoyed the ride home. It really was the first time I had ridden any distance (6.5 mi) at night. Being that it was about 8:30pm, there was significantly less traffic on Meridian. Park avenue was even better, and I felt a certain serenity cutting across Santa Clara University campus on the way to Benton St.

So far, liking the biking thing. But I really need to get some panniers.

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