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OK, back on the road

Right, then.

Got the bike back. Basically, I learned that one tends to become lazy and forgetful when one is accustomed to index shifting. Such to the point that index shifters seem to prevent you from stuffing your rear derailleur. What’s funny is that in the years that I rode a ten-speed (back when they were called “Ten-speeds” and not “Road Bikes”), I never had, nor knew of this issue.

Oh, well. Chalk one up to operator error. Tahn did well in getting me back on the road. For that, and for the excellent build job, I rewarded him with a case of beer (12 Mirror Pond and 12 City Fog Amber). Since I was there, I bought some more bike stuff.

My friend and I went riding on Los Gatos Creek Trail – about 14 mile round trip. It was a good ride. If nothing else, it was good to prove that I could ride it longer than five miles without breaking it. I opened it up on one of the straights – not wide open, but about 70% power, I’d guess. It moves nicely. I’d probably had gotten more had I been better attired (as I was not expecting to ride that afternoon, I was in jeans, rugby shirt and slip on’s) I might have gotten more out of it.

Admittedly, the frame is a bit too large for me. I’d reckon I should have about 2cm smaller. Right now, if I straddle the top tube, I need to stand on tip toe, and even then, the TT says “Hi” to Petey and the Twins. That said, I seem to do just fine whilst underway.

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